Classical Ayurvedic Therapies at Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra - A Kovalam Resort


Ayurveda healing at its best, these time-honoured Ayurveda treatments focus on specific ailments in addition to relaxing and renewing mind and body.


A relaxing therapy with lukewarm medicated oil, gently poured in an oscillating stream over the forehead. Well-known for diffusing mental tension and easing headaches, improving sleep, strengthening hair roots and preventing premature graying. It is also effective in countering jet lag.

Duration: 60 min
Recommended for: Easing mental tension, improving quality of sleep
Oils: Yes

Pathra Pinda Swedanam / Choorna Pinda Swedanam

Warm oils are applied over the body, and warm linen pouches filled with herbs are applied on joints and muscles, to induce sweating. This fomentation therapy helps strengthen the joints, tone up the muscles, relieve pain and expel toxins. 

Duration: 60 min
Recommended for: Easing pain and inflammation in joints, relieving stiffness, improving muscle tone 
Oils: Yes

Upanaha Swedanam*

A signature of Niraamaya Spa, with massages, herbal pastes and compresses, for sore muscles of the back and neck. 

Duration: 60 min
Recommended for: A sore back 
Oils: Yes
Pressure: Light to medium


A therapeutic procedure of scrubbing dry herbal powders on the skin to target subcutaneous fat deposits, reduce wrinkles, and help get rid of metabolic wastes. It makes the body firmer, reduces excessive perspiration and discolouration of the skin. 

Duration: 90 min
Recommended for: Toning and weight reduction
Oils: Yes


Streams of lukewarm medicated oil are gently massaged in by two therapists. Popular with the Maharajas of ancient India, it is soothing and relaxing. Rejuvenates the body, stimulates the nervous system and facilitates micro vascular circulation. 

Duration: 60 min
Recommended for: The prevention of neurological and rheumatic problems
Oils: No

Katee Vasthi

Warm medicated oil is placed on the back for a specified time.

Duration: 30 min
Recommended for: Lower back pain and spinal problems
Oils/Cream: Yes


A few drops of medicated oils or herbal extracts are introduced into the nostrils, after an oil massage for the face. It is followed by a massage around the nose and sinus areas. 

Duration: 20 min
Recommended for: Sinus problems, congestion relief
Oils: Yes