Invigorating Baths


Indulgent traditional Indian baths or hydrotherapy to calm the senses and refresh the skin. These special baths can be combined with other body therapies for enhanced benefits.

Classical Indian Rose Bath

After a head and foot massage, this aromatic bath replenishes your lost vitality and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and delicately perfumed, after being soaked in a whirlpool infused with rose crystal bath-salts.

Duration: 90 min
Recommended for: Pampering tired skin

Chandana Snana

Preceded by a head and foot massage and a steam, this bath uses a blend of sandalwood and vetiver, sourced from the tropical rainforests. 

Duration: 60 min
Recommended for: Detoxifying and refreshing the skin and muscles

Vichy Shower Massage

Vichy is a shower with multi-showerheads running parallel to a padded wet table. Relax under the cascade of water as it caresses your body. 

Duration:20 min
Recommended for: Blood circulation, skin hydration and soothing the nervous system