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An interesting mix of the warrior history of Jodhpur, Niraamaya Retreats Srinivas Garh was a bare, magnificent, raw old stronghold, sitting 35 kms from Mehrangah fort. Untouched for years, the 600 years old Srinivas Garh which dates back to the time of Aurangzeb belongs to the descendants of the Rathores of Jodhpur (Marwar).

The heritage address was once used as a base for some of the strongest warriors of Jodhpur. The forces stopped here to recover. It was later used as a place to collect grain from the farms. Maharaj Dhiraj Sir Ajit Sigh Ji spent weekends here from Jodhpur and the family continues to use it as their weekend spot to escape the city’s hustle-bustle.

Srinivas Garh has been incredibly transformed and is filled with delightful details of the bygone era. Even after its transformation, it still upholds the spirit of the Jodhpur gharana architecture - you can see thick ancient walls, towering turrets and arched windows that draw attention to its magnificence!

Unlike any other Rajasthani heritage property that flaunts typical ornamental decor, Srinivas Garh has decided to keep its look simple and Spartan. If you happen to be here, you will notice no element has been introduced that's alien to its history.

Embark On A Journey

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A quiet place of great charm and character Niraamaya Retreats Srinivas Garh comprises of 28 rooms which are inspired by the ruler’s history and epoch; and carefully weaves the visual vocabulary to give a sneak peek into the ruler’s lifestyle, personality and taste; Every room has a narrative synonymous with the rulers’ name.

The stay gives heritage lovers a glimpse into the era of the prominent rulers as luxury was synonymous with craftsmanship. The suites have different look and feel spanning deferent periods such as the Warrior, Mughal, Krishna, Kurja and Maharaja; basically, based on the Rajput rulers who reigned in that period.

We are accepting reservations starting from 03 October' 2019.

Savour Traditional Marwari Fare

Vrg Rajasthani Thali

The menu will remind you of old cooking techniques.

The guests staying here also get to enjoy a farm to table experiences with fresh milk and seasonal vegetables and Savour traditional Marwari fare unlocking age-old recipes handed down from many generations featuring slow-cooked meats and barbeques for a perfect evening.

Rewilding Project

Proud and powerful with interesting views of the rural life, the gardens which comprise of the captivating wild plants and the farms (Bisalpur Jor) which is being rewilded to protect & ecologically restore the natural habitat for indigenous flora and fauna, there is plenty to do here!

Apart from its Bishnoi, jat and also the Rajput community, the descendants of the warrior's residents, the area is also home to a lot of migratory birds and wildlife including the endangered species “Blackbucks” as the land is kept hydrated round the year.