Residence That Echoes Rajasthani Architecture

Get a glimpse into the lives and grandeur of Kings, Queens and Princes. The discreetly secluded Private Residence with diverse themes beautifully showcases the regal lifestyle, sneak peek into the travels and rich legacy of craftsmanship in Rajasthan. The interiors of this property well complement the city’s heritage environment and every element responds well to the history and landscape of the region.
Classic Suites 7

Classic Suites

Experience opulence by checking into one of these classic suites that reflects love for quiet comfort and understated elegance.

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Royal Suite -Maharaj Sahib 2

Royal Suites

Guests will discover a suitable blend of tradition of old-world hospitality and of contemporary style. Each suite is unique as with its aristocratic ambience it reflects the lifestyle of the royals.

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