Monsoon Wellness offer at Niraamaya Retreats (4 Nights 5 Days)

Niraamaya Wellness Retreats is an inspiring combination of bespoke wellness and distinctive hospitality. Set in stunning locations thatare nestled in nature., the Retreats offer transformative experiences that replenish mind, body, and spirit.
Pause. Breathe. Rejuvenate.
Package Inclusions:
  • Indian Traditional Welcome
  • Accommodation in a well-appointed cottage
  • Breakfast at Café Samsara
  • Hi- Tea
  • Dinner at Café Samsara
  • 60 minutes Sunrise Yoga ( 07am to 08 am) (daily)
  • 60 minutes Abhyanga Snana ( one session per adult, once during the stay)
  • 60 minutes Meditation ( once during the stay)
  • 30 minutes Shiro Mardhanam ( one session per adult, once during the stay)
  • 90 minutes Nirvana (treatment) ( one session per adult, once during the stay)
  • One way Airport Transfer - Niraamaya Retreats Kovalam to Trivandrum Airport
ABHYANGA SNANA: A blissfully rhythmic body massage with long, ?uid strokes and warm medicated oils, facilitates circulation, relieves fatigue and body aches.
Duration: 60 min
Recommended for: Anti-ageing, skin nourishing, vitality, detox and relief from body pain. MEDITATION: This combines meditative and yoga postures with relaxation techniques. Meditation trains your mind to focus and keep you ?xed in the present.
Duration: 60 min
Recommended for Attention building.

SHIRO MARDHANAM: A head and shoulder massage that improves blood circulation, balances the sensory organs and rejuvenates the body.
Duration: 30 min
Recommended for Rejuvenation and relaxation.

NIRVANA: The ultimate stress buster, this therapy combines Abhyanga Snana and Shirodhara to virtually guarantee Nirvana - a state of complete mental and physical bliss.
Duration: 90 min Recommended for:
Relaxation, stress buster.